Law Tag Information

100% Poylester Fill

Polyester fiber is a functional and durable fiber that has a firm and supportive feel. It is hypoallergenic, washable, and resists mildew. 100% Polyester is stamped on law tags for our products listed as Poly, Poly Green, Poly Prima and Polysilk ™. 

50% Poly Fiber, 50% Duck Feather

Blended Down is a combination of soft feather and fiber. It is a firm fill, and an economical choice.

Duck Feather Little or no Down Content

This fill is 2-4 cm soft feathers only. This description is stamped on law tags for our products listed as Soft Feather.

10% Down Cluster, 90% Duck Feather

10% down cluster and 90% feather.

25% Down Cluster, 75% Duck Feather

25% down cluster and 75% feather.

50% Down Cluster, 50% Duck Feather

50% down cluster and 50% feather.

100% Down

Per US labeling standards, we are required to list the minimum down content. This is our 600 fill power, down fill.

25% Poly Fiber, 75% : 25% Down Cluster & 75% Duck Feather

This is our Proprietary blend of Polysilk, down and feather, called Perfect Pillow fill on our website.

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