Turning Wasted Fabrics Into Designer Treasures

At AD&F we have so many wonderful clients making their mark on design.  We’d like to highlight Molly Reinhardt and Studio M for playing their part in being “green”.  See the Arvada Lifestyle article below featuring Molly and check out the fabulous decorative pillows she created for us with her recycled fabric and our Green Fiber fill.  These are being used in AD&F’s recently purchased condo in Marco Island.  And…stay tuned for information on renting this lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath – soon to be renovated – condo!

If you asked a classroom of kids what their favorite activity was, it’s not likely any of them would select “clean up time” as their top choice. However for Denver native Molly Reinhardt, rearranging her room was a childhood “go-to.” She can still remember her favorite chore, vacuuming, for the result of instant improvement. From a young age, she understood the importance of aesthetics - even as a poor college undergrad, Molly still saved $5 a week for the BART station flower vendors in San Francisco. “No matter the price, aesthetics soothe the mind,” she said.

She worked at high-end showroom Waterworks for about ten years after college, donning an $11 outfit while serving the 1% of the 1% for remodels and new-build construction. She’d always been a Goodwill shopper and dumpster diver with a knack for turning trash into treasure. Reinhardt’s subsequent work with LIMN, DUXIANA, and Materials Marketing out of Texas were followed by a 2019 partnership called MCPillows, which Reinhardt left in 2020 to start Studio M Denver.

Since then, Studio M has rapidly made a name for itself as Denver’s source of home interior style. The company’s studio houses several collections, from black and white themes to aqua shades and mountain-inspired sets of repurposed designer pillows. The fabric is often found in limited amounts, so many of these pillows feature different materials and textures on either side. This makes for some interesting two-toned and four-toned designs that can be flipped over at any time for a fresh appeal. 

A large portion of Reinhardt’s material repertoire is memo samples, which are typically thrown away by designers due to the metal grommets which discourage commercial use. As a solution, Studio M cuts around these grommels and stitches separate fabrics together to make up for the lost area. Reinhardt also sources “flags” from designer centers, which can provide up to nine feet of material and are used to make “grounder pillows.”  Since the material is so large, these products are wrapped in one single fabric rather than a combination stitch. Reinhardt now gets the bulk of her design materials from friends and past colleagues rather than daily dumpster diving, thanks to the extensive network of designers she’s built over the years.

To support Molly’s treasure hunts and give your home a touch of high-end comfort, be sure to visit www.studiomdenver.com or take a visit to her studio in the heart of Denver.

Article courtesy of Arvada Lifestyle Magazine

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